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Customer service should be quick, and to the point. Expect friendly service offered with competence and enthusiasm. We know we have to earn your business and over-the-top customer service is one of the ways we do it: great pricing and any questions answered about the availability of products.

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Send us an e-mail. All e-mail inquires are usually replied within 24 hour, sometimes more if we need to do a research. All e-mails will be answered during our business hours M-F 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM PacificTime. We do not give any medical advise regarding how to use the products from this site, or nor taking responsibility for any health outcome after using any of our products. Seek your medical providers advise for using herbal or homeopathic supplements.

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**Disclaimer regarding Homeopathic products:
Potentformulas is not affiliated with Energetix, Nutramedix, and Boiron in any ways, and is not responsible for any damages or claims related to aquiring, and using homeopathic products sold on this website.Potent Formulas requests you not to disclose any Health related and confidential information on this site, therefore Potent Formulas does not constitute, create, or form a professional-client relationship of any kind, or in any manner with you; it places the sole accountability and responsibility to you, the user of this website and the customer of these products. Products may only be administered with a qualified practitoiner's supervision. It is the buyer's responsibility to seek out the right practitioner to oversee and support the user's medical response during, and after the use of these products. 

By using this website and practically ordering any products, you as a customer of Potentformulas agree to forfeit any rights to make any financial or legal claims against Potent Formulas, therefore Potent Formulas are immune from any liability of monetary or civil claims. By using this site by placing an order for all products, you the customer of Potent Formulas declares and assumes all medical risks regarding the use of supplements or formulas offered on this site. You as a customer forfeit all your right to mediate and all  products sold as is without any guarantees.  By placing an order for any products on this website you consent and agree with all the content of this Disclaimer.