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Flu Tone 2 oz. by Energetix

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Flu-Tone is a homoeopathic drainage remedy de- signed to assist the body in opening blockages within the drainage pathways so that illness-causing germs may be efficiently excreted.

No one likes to suffer from the symptoms of a cold or flu any longer than necessary. At times of illness, there can be a buildup of germs which weaken our body, re- sulting in symptoms such as fever, aches, headache, runny nose, cough and/or general weakness. Flu- Tone is a remedy that assists to move these germs out as quickly as possible by supporting the drainage systems that can eliminate this extra burden. One of the most important systems during a time of illness is the lymphatic system. Sometimes you may have a swollen gland in your throat or neck just before and at the onset of the flu or a cold. This is a sign that the lymphatic system, an important part of our immune system, is working to fight off the germs.


Flu-Tone, taken as your practitioner recommends, along with sufficient rest and proper nourishment will often reduce the time and intensity of the symptoms of an illness.

Take 30 drops orally twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Shake well. 

INDICATIONS: Runny nose, Muscle weakness, Sore throat, Coughing, Chills, Fever, Nausea, Flu-like symptoms

No one enjoys experiencing flu-like symptoms. Such symptoms could include feeling “achy all over,” nausea, runny nose, fever, headache, general weakness and cough.
However, in France flu-like symptoms lead most people to turn to a homeopathic remedy for assistance. That remedy, Anas Barbariae (oscillococcinum), is a homeopathic preparation created by the French physician, Joseph Roy (1891-1978), from an extract of the liver and heart of a duck.
It has been used and documented with great success for patients suffering from the early stages of flu-like symptoms, according to research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.
Flu-Tone adds this proven homeopathic ingredient along with supporting homeopathics as a powerful, yet gentle, homochord to assist with the first signs of cold or flu-like symptoms.

A homeopathic remedy:

Flu-Tone is a homeopathic drainage and tonification remedy designed to uplift and stimulate the immune system, which is essential in the prevention of the cold and flu. Including Immune-enhancing herbs that are nourishing the body and provide the necessary resources it needs to alleviate cold and flu-like symptoms such as general weakness, runny nose, fever, sore throat, achiness, and cough. This remedy also could be used for circulation issues, adrenal stress, frequency, kidney infection, fluid imbalance, skin conditions.

Anas Barbariae 30X, 60X, 200X; Baptisia Tinctoria 3X; Bryonia Alba 12X; Coriandrum Sativum 3X; Crotalus Horridus 12X; EBV nosode 30X, 60X, 200X; Echinacea Angustifolia 1X; Ginkgo Biloba 1X; Gonolobus Condurango 1X; Influenzinum 30X, 60X, 200X; Kali Chloricum 4X; Lachesis Muta 12X; Pinus Maritima 6X; Pyrogenium 30X, 60X, 200X; Selenium Metallicum 12X; Tabebuia Impetiginosa 1X; Thuja Occidentalis 6X; Uva Ursi 1X; Viscum Album 12X; Glycerin 15%; Ethanol 15%; Purified Water 70%.

Additional information:

Anas Barbariae (Oscillococcinum) 30X 60X 200X Runny nose 
sneezing red eyes chills thirsty for ice cold drinks. 
Baptisia Tinctoria (Wild Indigo) 3X Serious feverish infections; 
general blood poisoning; states of confusion.
Bryonia Alba (White Bryony) 12X Acute infammation of the re-
spiratory organs pleura peritoneum and liver; acute and chronic 
Crataegus Oxyacantha (Hawthorn) 3X Cardiocirculatory dis-
orders such as cardiac insuffciency geriatric heart arrhythmia 
angina pectoris and dysarteriotony. 
Crotalus Horridus (Rattlesnake) 12X For serious dermal and 
mucosal infections; tendency to general blood poisoning; hemor-
rhages of all kinds; paralysis.
Echinacea Angustifolia 1X Adjuvant therapy for serious and 
feverish infections.
Epstein Barr Virus Nosodes 30X 60X 200X Homeopathic no-
sode of Epstein Barr Virus.
Ginkgo Biloba 1X Homeopathic preparation of the herb Ginkgo 
Gonolobus Condurango 1X Homeopathic preparation of the 
herb Condurango. 
Infuenzinum 30X 60X 200X Homeopathic nosode of Infuenza.
Kali Chloricum 4X Catarrh lung congestion and throat irritation.
Lachesis Muta (Bushmaster snake venom) 12X Infamma-
tions and hemorrhages of the skin and mucosa; menopausal 
complaints; glandular diseases; infectious diseases and general 
blood poisoning; phlebitis; angina pectoris; cardiac and circula-
tory insuffciency; neuralgia; rheumatism; spasmodic conditions; 
paralysis; behavioral disorders; emotional discord or upset.
Lapacho (also known as Pau dArco/Tabebuia) 1X Shown to 
increase red corpuscles; antiviral antibacterial antiparasitic 
best known for its antifungal properties; all-around immune en-
Pyrogenium 30X 60X 200X Homeopathic remedy for severe 
infectious diseases accompanied by high fever.
Viscum Album (Mistletoe) 12X Hypotension and hypertension 
sensations of vertigo coronary stenosis; arrhythmia; articular 
diseases of attrition.
Uva Ursi (Bearberry) 1X Infammations of the urinary-tract col-
lection system.
Pycnogenol 6X Homeopathic antioxidant. 
Selenium 12X Rashes; greasy skin; infammations of the up-
per respiratory passages; digestive insuffciency; general weak-
ness and debilitation.
Thuja Occidentalis (Tree of Life) 6X Dermal and mucosal dis-
eases; digestive insuffciency; rheumatism; emotional discord or 

My family uses Flu-Tone to prevent against the flu. We use it during flu season. We have used it the last three years and so far none of us have gotten the flu!"

Manufacturer: Energetix
Manufacturer Part No: 3020

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