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Detox protocols: Candida Clear PDF, free download, DesBio


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Welcome to the Candida Clear ProgramThe goal of this protocol is to help your patient detoxify from candida overgrowth as well as manage symptoms associated with candida toxicity.

To complete this program your patient will need:

  • □  OmniCleanse Detox Kit (1)

  • □  Candida Clear Kit (1)

  • □  Smart Silver (32 oz)

    HOW does the CANDIDA CLEAR PROGRAM work?

    The Candida Clear Program u lizes a multifaceted approach that combines homeopathy and nutraceuticals cals to help cleanse the body and mange the symptoms of candida toxicity. Your patient will also implement dietary changes to help starve and weaken the candida so it is easier for the body to eliminate.

    The Candida Clear Program utilizes a unique homeopathic protocol known as series therapy. Each Candida Clear Kit contains two Candida Albicans Series Therapy Kits that are intended to be used throughout the program to help the body manage symptoms of the candida infection. The kit also includes nutraceutical  formulas that help kill the invading organisms, strengthen the immune system and help repair the damaged intestinal tract. Each Candida Clear Kit provides enough product for the 60-Day Candida Clear Protocol. Some patients may need to extend therapy if infection  persists. 

    WHY should I DETOX first?

    Before beginning the 60-Day Candida Clear Protocol, your ptient should follow the OmniCleanse Detoxi cation Program for 14 days to clear the body of toxic build up and prepare the system for candida elimination. Having an increased toxic load and blocked detoxification channels( like blocked colon the most common) can impair the body’s ability to clear candida toxicity as well as worsen symptoms during the clearing stage. And I mean really worsen like be miserable and feel more sick. The guidelines for this program are provided in the OmniCleanse Practitioner Guide that is included in the OmniCleanse Detox Kit. The homeopathic remediesin the Comprehensive Detox Kit (included in the OmniCleanse Detox Kit) will be continued during the Candida Clear Protocol to encourage management of detoxification symptoms during the program. 


    Candida is a single-celled yeast that is naturally found in mucous membranes throughout the body, including the stomach, large intes ne, bladder, and female reproduc ve organs. In a healthy body, the yeast lives symbio cally with us. Unfortunately, when candida proliferates outside of normal healthy levels, it can become a harmful parasite, crea ng havoc in the human body by robbing the body of resources. Candida also releases 80+ by-products or endotoxins. These toxic materials act as neurotoxins, interrupt cellular communica on, disrupt DNA replica on, and destroy organ func on. Symptoms of candida and its endotoxins are exacerbated by a weakened immune system and impaired detoxifica on systems.


    There is no definite answer on how I may have developed candida overgrowth issues. There are many factors that can contribute to candida issues:

    • Use of Antibiotics —These medications can kill both good and bad bacteria in the gut, creating an open and hospitable environment for candida to thrive

    • Use of hydrochloric acid-blocking medications — Antacids suppress the normal acid production that acts as a protective agent against candida and other pathogens, so please use Betaine Hydrochloride supplements to enhance digestion.

    • Use of birth control pills, estrogens, and steroids such as prednisone 

      • Over consump on of carbohydrates, sugars, gluten, and processed foods can create an acidic environment that candida can thrive in. Candida also loves sugar and simple carbohy- drates

      • weakened immune system due to stress, poor health, and unhealthy lifestyle habits can also promote candida overgrowth problems


        There are multiple tests available for candida but the best diagnostic tool may be taking a careful health history as well as assessing their symptoms to see if they correlate with chronic yeast issues. You should always conduct a thorough health history and physical exam as well as use the best tes ng methodology available to you. 


        • Chronic fatigue

        • White coating on tongue

        • Loss of energy

        • Weight gain

        • Decreased libido

        • Thrush

        • Food Sensitivities

        • Rashes

        • Bloating, cramping, and gas

        • Intestinal cramps

        • Rectal itching

        • Diarrhea or constipation

        • Yeast infec ons/bladder infections

        • Prostitis

        • Interstial cystitis (irritable bladder)

        • Menstrual irregularities like pain,

          bleeding, etc.

        • Thyroid dysfunction

        • Depression

        • Irritability

        • Inability to concentrate

        • Allergies

        • Chemical sensitivities

        • Low immune function 

        WHAT can I expect from this PROGRAM?

        The desired outcome of this program is to reduce toxic levels of candida and resolve symptoms of candida overgrowth. However, it should be noted that candida detoxifica on can be challenging and some mes uncomfortable. Candida detoxifica on program result in die-off or herxheimer reactions. These symptoms occur when toxins from dying pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, candida, etc.) overwhelm the body’s abilities to clear them out. Most symptoms occur within the first few weeks of the program and are mild to moderate. Symptoms are often flu-like in nature, including headaches, sweats, fatigue, joint pain. I may also experience increased bowel movements. As I progresses through the candida-clearing protocol, symptoms will resolve. Be sure to warn your patient that these symptoms may occur and remind them to keep in touch with you should they experience any extreme reactions



        Encouraging your patient to eat whole, nourishing foods to rebuild their health while avoiding foods that can aggravate or feed the candida is an essential piece of this program. The goal is to starve the excess candida while simultaneously healing the gastrointes nal tract and modula ng inflammation. Making appropriate dietary adjustment is essential success on this program.

        Remember the goal is to starve the candida – not the patient! For some  may need to make very gradual changes to help them be compliant. The following guidelines are only general recommenda ons and you may choose to adjust them based on your pa ent’s individual health needs.

        FOODS to EAT 


        Protein is essen al for rebuilding body

        ssues as well as maintaining energy levels. Recommend at least 3 – 6 oz. of animal protein daily and s ck with organic poultry, eggs, and wild fish and grass fed beef. Your pa ent should avoid processed meats and pork products during the program.


        Your pa ent can have unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables including ar chokes, asparagus, avocado, broccoli,

        Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, cucumber, eggplant, garlic (raw), kale, olives, onions, rutaba- ga, spinach, zucchini. No white potatoes, mush- rooms, sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams, corn, all winter squash, beets, peas, parsnips and beans.


        Whole grains that have not been bleached or stripped of their fiber and nutrients provide an excellent source of fiber and B-vitamins. Recommend a limited amount of the non-gluten containing grains including buckwheat, millet, oat bran, quinoa, and brown rice. No more than two one cup servings per day is ideal. Any type of refined grain or flour should be avoided.


        Nuts and nut bu ers can be a great source of protein, healthy fats, and fiber and can be used in unlimited amounts throughout the programs. Remind  that nuts are high in calories and to be mindful of serving sizes. Some may notice a sensitivity to cashews, peanuts, and pistachios.

        FOODS to WATCH


        While organic fruits provide an excellent source of nutrients and phytonutrients, they also provide sugars which can feed

        the candida. While on the program s ck to low sugar fruits such as tomatoes, grapefruits, apples, avocados, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries and limit to one to two servings per day. Avoid all other fruits, dried fruits, and juices. 


        For some, dairy can trigger undesirable immune responses and milk sugar can act as a food source for candida, therefore it is best to minimize during the protocol. Small amounts of unsweetened kefir and yogurt with live cultures may be acceptable if tolerates fermented foods. Cheese may be tolerated in small amounts. S tick with low lactose varieties such as cheddar, Swiss, or parmesan. The Intestinal Restore formula is acceptable to be used during this program as long as your is not allergic to dairy.


        These are high residue foods that can remain within the GI tract for long periods of me and feed candida and

        other parasites. Beans should be consumed no more than one to three mes per week.


        This is s ll up for debate when it comes to candida pa ents. While consume on of fermented foods can help build healthy gut ecology, for pa ents who have developed a sensitivity to yeast as a result of long term fungal overgrowth, avoidance of these foods may be essen al un l a er the protocol is complete.


        Remember that many sweeteners provide food for the candida and will aggravate the condition. Is should stick with the natural non-nutritive sweeteners like stevia or xylitol if possible. Raw honey can also be used in minimal amounts. Avoid cane sugars, chocolate, rice syrup, molasses, maple syrup, agave, high fructose corn syrup and ar tiicial sweeteners.


        Most fats and oils are acceptable on the candida protocol. Coconut oil is the optimal choice because it has natural immune-suppor ng and anti-fungal proper es.


        Most seasonings are acceptable on the candida diet. Some seasonings, such as curcumin, oregano, garlic have natural an -pathogen effects.I should avoid the manufactured form of citric acid (which can be derived from yeast) and any additives or preservatives you can’t pronounce or are not food-based.


        Most sauces like ketchups, mayonnaise, soy sauce and salad dressings contain sugar and other additives that should be avoided on the diet. Vinegar should also be avoided since it is made from yeast cultures. Apple cider vinegar is the exception because it can actually combat candida growth. Recommend olive oil and lemon for salad dressing or coconut


        Allowed beverages include unsweetened teas, organic/non-GMO milk alternatives (soy, hemp, coconut, almond, etc.), lemon juice, and of course lots of water. Pa ents should avoid juices and sodas which are high in sugar.


        These should both be kept to a minimum. Excessive use of caffeine can stress your adrenals and disrupt blood sugar. One to two cups of black coffee or tea that has been tested for mold or contaminates is acceptable. Alcohol can increase gut permeability and create a favorable environment for candida. Any alcohol should be a low sugar source and be used in moderation (less than two drinks per week).


        Regular elimina on is essen al during this proto- col. This will ensure the movement of candida and other toxins out through the colon. The OmniFiber should assist with this process. Recommend that your pa ent should consult with you if they are not experiencing bowel movements on most days of the program. 


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